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What is Girls Discovered?

The welfare of adolescent girls is crucial in determining economic and social outcomes for countries today, and in the future. For girls to become healthy mothers, productive citizens and economic contributors, their unique needs must be seen and understood.

Yet today, adolescent girls are undercounted and so underserved. Counting them is the first step to increasing their visibility.

Girls Discovered takes that first step. As a comprehensive source of maps and data on the status of adolescent girls worldwide, Girls Discovered helps donors, policy makers and implementing agencies target their investments.

This one-stop shop for information is sourced from organizations operating in the public interest, and is aimed at researchers, practitioners, advocates, policy-makers and the public – anyone seeking change for the world’s 600 million adolescent girls.

Key features

Girls Discovered provides a number of features to enable researchers, policy-makers, NGOs and business to raise awareness of the issues adolescent girls face globally.

  • Global Girls Facts

    Discover 10 key facts about adolescent girls around the world

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  • Data Gaps

    Globally, Girls Discovered reveals where there are critical gaps in data

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