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Now what?

Girls Discovered has launched a website, but we have not yet reached our destination.

The real destination is impactful action for girls – and Girls Discovered’s maps are an indispensable tool for driving that action. They allow a precise view of girls’ lives not accessible to the development field before.

To demonstrate how, we’ve developed three examples of how Girls Discovered can guide impactful action, at a global, national and local level. Each one illustrates how these maps can define the work of policymakers, governments, businesses and NGOs.

Globally, Girls Discovered reveals where there are critical gaps in data.

Nationally, comparing a nation’s girls with its neighbors’ girls highlights the broadest areas of opportunity. This guide highlights the most critical issues for girls across the country, in the context of South Asia.

Locally, girls can have very different experiences within one country’s borders. This identifies which of India’s girls are most vulnerable – and its implications surprised our India experts.

How can you get involved?

If you are involved with girl-focused work anywhere, the Global Guide: Data Gaps highlights real areas of opportunity for your work to add to the knowledge about girls.

If you are involved with development in India, the national and local guides are for you.

And if you are involved with girls anywhere else, Girls Discovered contains all you need to develop your own action guide for your geography of concern.

If you’re looking for help or you have questions, please contact us at

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